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Goals & Progress Update

I’ve been feeling uninspired to post so let’s try a quick no-frills update!

Goal: Prepare financially to buy a home in the next 12 months.

Progress: I’ve made huge strides here by significantly reducing my debt at the top of the month. This should boost my credit score over the next several months.

In the meantime, all debt repayment is being redirected into savings for a down payment!

Goal: Lose 10% of body weight by July.

Progress: I’m not feeling brave enough to post my actual weight yet, but thus far I’ve dropped just under 8 lbs since the start of the month. I appreciate this rate of loss will slow, but the boost is certainly inspiring to keep up momentum!

I have been eating primarily vegetarian, having eaten my first meat of the year on Friday. I’ve also been avoiding soda and alcohol as to stay away from empty calories and snack-inducing vibes.

I have also been taking part in a 30 day yoga a challenge through Yoga With Adriene and haven’t missed a day yet! This makes sure I get in at least one workout a day, and usually inspired me to get in more.

Some other habits I’ve maintained but aren’t primary goals include reading daily (I’ve been having trouble with this one, but I believe it was my book choice…) and studying French via Duolingo everyday (success so far). I’m looking forward to see how my progress continues over the coming months!

Goals, Mind


“The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.”

I keep a bullet journal (if you aren’t sure what that is, watch this.)  A significant and probably the most impactful part is my habit tracker. As the name suggests, a habit tracker is a chart where I track if I’ve met small daily goals, including both things I want to do and things I don’t want to do. Peruse some of my tasks below!

Wake @ 7AM


No spending

No alcohol

Make bed



Walk Miles x3

Water plants

Face routine


Eat vegetarian

Eat vegan

The habit tracker does several things to keep me motivated and, well, on track:

  • Manually keeping track of tasks lets me visualize how I’m doing. Having an off day isn’t a big deal, but having several off days is glaring (and disappointing!) so there is a need to get back on track.
  • I am a stereotypical gamer. I like challenges, I like streaks, and I love achievements. I find it motivating to see how many days I can complete 100% in a row. On a smaller scale, it’s also satisfying to simply check off a box as done!
  • Forcing myself to do the same things every day, or even if I don’t do them then to simply acknowledge that the incomplete task, is an incredible way to ingrain these tasks so they more easily become habits.
  • Doing the same things every day also helps create a schedule. To complete the tasks, you naturally find what times of day and what order of activities best suits your needs. Establishing a schedule also makes your day more efficient, freeing up time to accomplish even more!
  • Tracking your intended habits helps prove what works – and what doesn’t. The structure actually creates a sort of flexibility to adjust goals to ensure your success. For example, I originally set a goal to wake up at 6AM every day. I hadn’t met that goal once this year, but I realized I had gotten up at 7AM several days (still a vast improvement to my 8AM snooze habit). I adjusted the goal so that it was more easily attainable; once 7AM is consistent, I can consider bumping it up to 6AM again!

So far this year, I’ve done well at completing an average of more tasks each day than the days prior. I’m still not at a daily 100% completion rate but I am still making noticeable progress toward my 2018 goals!

Do you track daily habits? If yes, what tracking “system” works for you?



Unfortunate turn of events walking groceries home (31 Dec 2017)

Yesterday, I had an early morning and long day on my feet. When I got home, it was the perfect time to curl up for a nap with my creatures – it was a sunny afternoon, shining that perfect golden light onto my comfortable, made bed. Unfortunately, my neighbor simultaneously decided to play their bass-heavy music. Instead of asking them to turn it down (which I have before; they’ve always obliged), or staying awake seething to myself about not being able to relax, I chose a third option I normally forget: make the most of it.

I asked myself, “Why waste the energy being pissed that someone else is enjoying themselves? Certainly when it’s the middle of a weekday afternoon, when I normally would not be trying to sleep.”

Instead, I distracted myself. I first tried to cover their music by playing my own. When that didn’t completely mask the sound, I started a load of laundry. At that point, I figured I would continue doing my chores/tasks – vacuum, dishes, yoga.

By the time I finished everything, when the load of laundry dried, they’d stopped playing their music AND I had fresh clothes! Circumventing my usual emotional response of frustration and annoyance resulted in a far less stressful, and much more productive afternoon than I could have hoped. I’m confident I felt much better about my day (hell, myself!) having accomplished more than I would have if I napped. Thanks, noisy neighbors!