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Unfortunate turn of events walking groceries home (31 Dec 2017)

Yesterday, I had an early morning and long day on my feet. When I got home, it was the perfect time to curl up for a nap with my creatures – it was a sunny afternoon, shining that perfect golden light onto my comfortable, made bed. Unfortunately, my neighbor simultaneously decided to play their bass-heavy music. Instead of asking them to turn it down (which I have before; they’ve always obliged), or staying awake seething to myself about not being able to relax, I chose a third option I normally forget: make the most of it.

I asked myself, “Why waste the energy being pissed that someone else is enjoying themselves? Certainly when it’s the middle of a weekday afternoon, when I normally would not be trying to sleep.”

Instead, I distracted myself. I first tried to cover their music by playing my own. When that didn’t completely mask the sound, I started a load of laundry. At that point, I figured I would continue doing my chores/tasks – vacuum, dishes, yoga.

By the time I finished everything, when the load of laundry dried, they’d stopped playing their music AND I had fresh clothes! Circumventing my usual emotional response of frustration and annoyance resulted in a far less stressful, and much more productive afternoon than I could have hoped. I’m confident I felt much better about my day (hell, myself!) having accomplished more than I would have if I napped. Thanks, noisy neighbors!

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  1. I love productive days. You feel better about yourself, your environment, and your overall life when you get things done! Fresh laundry is a bonus.

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