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Goals & Progress Update

I’ve been feeling uninspired to post so let’s try a quick no-frills update!

Goal: Prepare financially to buy a home in the next 12 months.

Progress: I’ve made huge strides here by significantly reducing my debt at the top of the month. This should boost my credit score over the next several months.

In the meantime, all debt repayment is being redirected into savings for a down payment!

Goal: Lose 10% of body weight by July.

Progress: I’m not feeling brave enough to post my actual weight yet, but thus far I’ve dropped just under 8 lbs since the start of the month. I appreciate this rate of loss will slow, but the boost is certainly inspiring to keep up momentum!

I have been eating primarily vegetarian, having eaten my first meat of the year on Friday. I’ve also been avoiding soda and alcohol as to stay away from empty calories and snack-inducing vibes.

I have also been taking part in a 30 day yoga a challenge through Yoga With Adriene and haven’t missed a day yet! This makes sure I get in at least one workout a day, and usually inspired me to get in more.

Some other habits I’ve maintained but aren’t primary goals include reading daily (I’ve been having trouble with this one, but I believe it was my book choice…) and studying French via Duolingo everyday (success so far). I’m looking forward to see how my progress continues over the coming months!

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  1. You totally forgot to mention how your epic home cooking is helping with weight loss and saving money! I live vicariously through your Instagram photos of delicious-looking, colorful, beautiful food!!!

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